❤❤a little part of my life in two months❤❤

 hi my blog. It's been long since my last update..
I was busy in my study...and recently a lot thing happened ..I was very sad and dissapointed..
but what to do..life is still goes on, despite the things you have done wrong which ruins your reputation..people should look forward..
I'm very lucky have my family, best friends, best coursemate in my life..
when I was sad, they will cheer me up
lets talk about what I had done in this month..surely won't post all the thing, just choose some special for me..^^

yea..girl is always love dessert
last time bring my classmate go there eat this Honey Danish Toast Box again...and they love it so much too

after I know this honey danish toast box..I was non stop to intro this to my friend or bring my friend go there have a try...so almost every favourtie of honey danish toast box I have been tried before..left the salted Danish Box havent try yet..haha
any other information about this dessert and can get it from my blog that I posted last two month ago..

tadaaa~~~ is Korean food = Restaurant Mr.Dakgalbi..!!!!
I study in University, is always have to think about what to eat with friends after class
that day I was craving for Uncle Jang Korean Food at Solaris Mont Kiara there..
so my classmate decide to go there for our brunch..
but is too bad, we went there too early so Unlce Jang havent open for business yet
what to do for us after that? so we re going to soho kl there eat other brand restaurant instead of Uncle Jang
this is our 1st try to eat this in Mr Dakgalbi
I'm with other 5 friends together so we decide to choose the most expensive one in the menu
and add on one rice and one sticky noodles
 this is before start to cook the food
 is cooking by the staff and is a korean boy..super handsome !!! I have no dare to take his picture when he is helping us to cook the food...haha...
yes..is done..super nice b !!!!

 I just can said about this is delicious and yummy than the Uncle Jang !!! they re serving the cold mineral water too and it is free..
I love the sticky noodles and cheesy rice too !!..oh god..I craving for that now again..feel want to go eat this tonight!!
there is showing " Believe on you see not what you hear"
this is taken by my friend and we were enjoying wine and pizza while chilling at Circus Pavilion

 that pizza is use the wood fire oven to make it..taste not bad..and my best friend was bringing out her baby Audrey on that day too...1st time chilling with their baby girl...she was very cute and superb active and naughty on that night...

see..cutie baby girl...her name is Audrey Ong...nice to meet you guys...1st time appear in my blog..haha

my friends keep mentioned about I was post a lot picture with baby in my facebook
because I was non stop to meet my friend and their baby ...their baby too cute...I can't endure want to take a picture with them..
haha..8th of March ..went to shopping at Pavilion with my best friend and their baby girl
don misunderstanding..that cutie kid beside at me is my friend's cousin..not her baby
but their action like mother and daughter so other people always thought she is her baby..haha
when we arrived Pavilion..1st place to go is Dragon-I restaurant to fulfill our stomach 
because we re hungry on that time since we haven't take our breakfast yet
baby is always naughty and playing what their had in front of them...

 my best jimui = (Best sister) Fish Yap and her cousin Mun Mun...I have a long long time didnt meet her already..miss her so much...
 see...my another best jimui Suki Tan and her baby girl Audrey Ong..Suki is a hot mama..after give birth still can keep a slim body...haha..
naughty baby Audrey is smiling..^^..so cuteeee

 haha..is it like a same dish that I was mention in my previous blog??..yes..Beijing Roasted Duck..due to my best jimui never try this before so I order it in our brunch..
 another dish included the famous Xiu Loong Bao in Dragon-i Restaurant, and fry duck in claypot and seafood taufu ^^

baby girl was staring on the food because they re hungry and the smelling is too good for them !! haha...
after finished our brunch so we shopping around at Pavilion...I was bought a lot thing for myself
and Suki went to burberry bought a wallet as a birthday gift for her husband..
what a good wife that her husband got...even thought shopping with her friend also wont forgot to buy something for husband..

taking a picture with Mun Mun when Suki was choosing present for husband at Burberry shop..
Mun Mun don't like walking so keep ask for hugging her..when she is asking for hug and sound is very cute..^^
with Mun Mun ^^..she is just two years old..but very clever and cute ^^
shopping for few hours and baby Audrey is hungry...I'm not the 1st time to feed milk for baby Audrey
see this from the picture..am I look like a mother now?..haha..but too bad I'm back to single and still have a long time to go only can give birth after I married with a right man...so who is my Mr.Right in my life ?

last two weeks is full of haze at the outside..when I driving also can't see those building from highway ..
my University is provide mask for us 
when we going out for lunch and we re wearing the mask too...is hardly to breath in this full of haze area..

last week my husky dog was sick..its name is Whisky..all my friend said I am drunkard???..give a name for a pet also want to choose alcohol drink...haha..

Whisky non stop for vomit and didn't take any food for whole day, just look tired and keep lying on the floor..
I was super nervous and worry about it..so bring it went to clinic have a check
doctor said it maybe food poisoning so after get two injection and take some medicine
two days after, Whisky back to normal...super naughty and active now..

god bless Whisky is recover now..because doctor have told me if it is still not recover yet
it should be get virus (Parvovirus) in its body...and the virus is cause to death..no medicine can help them
The symptoms of Parvo start with fever, depression and lethargy. The dog will usually experience a loss of appetite as well and then eventually show more sever signs like vomiting and disrrhea which is often bloody. Once the virus reaches this stage dehydration and death usually follow.
so every people who has a dog, please don't because want to save the little money so didn't make a vaccination for your pet..!!!!

this month was no water supply in PJ area..

so last time went to SS2 Wong Kok restaurant to celebrate my friend birthday
we re using paper plate to eat our food....because they want to save the water to wash the plate..=.=

Happy Birthday my friend Wilmer Yuet Jin Wen
although u re very naughty and not gentleman as our bro Christopher..haha..but we re still love u as a friend in our gang...!!!
here is some picture we took on that day 

Jin Wen was very lucky because he is the only boy in our gang now..since our best bron Christopher Chang oversea in UK now..5 girls around u...what a super lucky guy !!!haha...

 a birthday guy can get a super big cup of Milk Tea in Wong Kok restaurant..and it come along with a teddy bear..haha
black forest cake ..
i was preparing the candle light on the cake...picture look  I  seems the only  birthday person on that day..actually is not..haha..

last month I was hearbroken because something happen in my relationship...especially it happened in my important period time since I am graduate soon in this last semester
is sound sarcastic when family keep ask how about me and him...why didnt saw you guys hanging out together??? why  why why??? a lot of question from my friends and family.. just because I didn't gave any response and answer for them..now is time to let it go..
yes..I am back to single life..
I was promise to myself before..I must write down all the happy memory with him in my blog if you read what I wrote in my previous blog before..and I was thx god before that  grateful that I met my Mr Right...
but now is over..I am understand in every heart there is a story that's unfinished, in every story there is a person who you can never forget...
it's only destiny if you give it a chance 
time is prove what I see in my eyes, what I heard from my ears..
I am sad, I am crying, burn into tears...but everything is over..people should look forward..
we cannot blame anything and anyone in a relationship...
people are lonely and self-centered, no matter how truly your love is expressed, there are always feeling that can't be understood..
tears are not a sign of weakness, They are a sign of a pure heart...I was wasted it so many times...is time for me take a rest and think about my life in future...
I believe when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

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